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The one thing that all writers want to know is how to get published.

Now, I don’t know from experience myself. You’ve obviously got to have loads of talent and the work ethic of an ant. Your book has to be thought of, plotted, written out, proofread, edited, edited some more, and edited yet again and then for some people, edited again. Then you immediately think of the next step. How do you get published?

You might think that you are immediately going to go to one, maybe two book publishing companies, have your manuscript read out and then become published, become famous and beat J.K. Rowling in your next step into becoming a writer. But usually, it takes much, much more work than that to become even a fairly tolerated author in the writing world. There are millions of books, some much like your own idea, however original you thought you might be, that are swarming the marketplace and these book publishing companies like you are. You’ve got to sell your book as something original. What makes your book different from the rest? What makes your book THE book that everyone is going to be talking about? Because I guarantee you that is what the book publishers are going to be looking for. They want something fresh and new and well-written.

Even if it takes you multiple publishers and many editing renewals, you’ve got to make sure that your book is well-written to begin with. They don’t want someone that doesn’t know how to write a sentence that isn’t a fragment. They want the best, and they need the best of your work. Take the time to go over your manuscript until you are thoroughly sick of it. You won’t be if your book becomes famous because you’ve actually written it well.


Also, don’t get frustrated with the lack of interest in your book either. J.K. Rowling is one of the most celebrated authors but her manuscript was rejected a dozen times before getting published. Michael Jordan did not even make his high school basketball team and he’s lost over three hundred games.  But he’s still a legend amongst basketball players. Thomas Edison was hearing impaired and fidgeted during school. He only lasted three months before his teachers gave up on him for what they described as “too stupid to learn anything.” But he invented the light bulb and many other things for us. Beethoven was also considered stupid by his teachers and was taught by his father. He was even deaf by the end of his life and still managed to compose his greatest symphonies.

People go down in legend because they refuse to give up and keep pushing on with their dreams. But don’t excuse your novel as the best that you can do just because some people don’t like it. Make sure that it is worth the trouble of publishing and make it something memorable and legendary. Be the best that you can be at whatever you strive with, whether it is writing or some other type of artistic ability, be the best and eventually it will show to other people. Some artists did not receive recognition for their genius until they died, but you have the chance to make the best of your talent here and now.


Now go out there and strive for your spot! Your novel is waiting to be published,

Xoxo, Ella