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It’s that time of month again and the most awkward video award of the year goes to…


But seriously, y’all, I’m super awkward at this. Please excuse the terrible audio since our limited time and a busy Starbucks made the video rather spotty. This might be one of the last video interviews I have since my other interviewees are not able to sit down with me and verbally communicate the answers to my questions, but rest assured, I will continue to have them fill out various forms and post them as they come.

S.G. Baker, a Memphis Grizzly and University of Tennessee, Knoxville enthusiast (Whoo, go VOLS!), is an aspiring author and lives in Tennessee, with her mom, dad, and two, younger brothers Dylan and Gunner. She writes novels, and just completed her book series, The Reformation Trilogy, and now is working on her contemplation of short stories, Greetings from New York. She is also experimenting with sports writing and has been featured on the front blog page of Grizzly Bear Blues, (see link below). And she also is the genius behind this blog, .