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 It seems as if my posts get farther and farther apart and shorter and shorter. Ha, oops. I have a lot more free time on my hands without school getting in the way; I’ve been writing like a crazed maniac over the past few weeks whenever I’ve had time. And one of the most notable things that I’ve finally accomplished: my rough draft of my book, The Nightingale’s Crown.

 A friend is helping  me edit as we speak, taking it slow over each paragraph and fixing every little detail. I’m excited for what this will bring which also brings me to my post topic for today-the Finish Line. 

 Are you one of those writers that goes on a high after something inspirational  hits them with a book idea and then starts plotting sporadically the next few chapters only to plunge into it by writing all those chapters and then just falling behind as your interest fades and you begin to realize just how hard it is to complete something? Don’t give up. 

Seriously now. Don’t be the writer who is only spurred on by inspirational bursts and then shuts the book away in some obscure word document never to be touched again until you read a book or watch a movie reminding you of the fact. Be the writer that you want to become. Be the writer who completes the story they’ve set out to tell. 

Get your paper, your Pinterest Storyboards, your real timelines hooked in between the bed posts at the end of your bed, your cork boards decked in little pictures or phrases or plot scenes you want to flesh out and remember. Get out your laptop, your marker board, your notebook and sit in Starbucks, the park, in some cases, by the pool, and just write

 It doesn’t have to be good. That’s why it’s a rough draft. It’s okay to make mistakes. I guarantee you that all the other authors have to rewrite just as much as you do. And be bold with it. Don’t dillydaily about having too much to do, not having enough ideas, or any of that nonsense. You can see the Finish Line. Don’t be the kid who can find time to eat fourteen donuts while browsing their phone but complaining about not having time to workout. The same concept applies here. 

Like working out, you must find time. There’s even a movement for this with their own special hashtag: #tenminutewriters

Now stop the whining. Stop the excuses. And just buckle down and do it. 

 I found that carrying a small notebook around with me can easily fix my problem. It can fit easily in my purse and still allow me a place to write my book out undisturbed whenever I want it. Perhaps you head to your doctor or the dentist and you are sitting there waiting for your appointment. 

Get out your mini notebook and write

Maybe you’re picking up your kid from soccer or basketball practice and they run into their coach or friend and they start talking. Instead of impatience, get out your notebook and write

And that’s all I have to say about it. There is a Finish Line and it feels so good to reach it. So get out there and write! 



Ever heard of accountability partners? The first thing you may think of (if you are a Christian) is an accountability partner for resisting a certain type of sin that you know you struggle with. The second thing you may think of is a workout buddy. You wanted to shed those extra pounds or get toned but you have zero desire to go through with your goal and thus get your friend to pester you until you can’t ignore it any longer. This same idea can apply to writing. Don’t keep yourself at a standstill. Don’t start a book only to leave it for years until you finally get off your butt to do another chapter or two. Keep yourself accountable. It is a good deal harder to let down your friend than it is to make excuses to yourself.

Write until your fingers cramp.

Write until your pen runs out of ink and then go get another pen or pencil.

  Get a partner and keep them on top of you, nagging you and pushing you to try harder when the inspiration just isn’t there.

Change it up with different materials and different writing utensils.

I once had a writer friend tell me that she switched up each time she wrote with a different writing pad. One day, she used a dry erase marker and a white board. Another, she used her notebooks and colored pens and another, she used her ipod to type notes.

Type on your keyboard. Type in Starbucks. Change up your environment. Change up the font that you use. Use a quill and ink. Use parchment. Use a typewriter.

But just write.

And when those fail, your friend won’t. If nothing else, go read your friend’s work. Go read a book in your free time. Listen to music that matches your story and get scribbling. Go on Pinterest and make a story board to get inspiration for the clothes, faces, and environment for the story.  Just get accountability and write.