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So I’ve always thought the whole 15 minutes for writing is rather silly to begin with only because it always took me about 10-15 to really get my mojo flowing and to cut it off right there is kind of depressing and just makes me want more. It’s like eating one piece of candy; you always want another piece. My schedule is crazy this year, hence why I’ve been missing in action for awhile and buried into my schooling and phone troubles and work. I’ve started NaNoWriMo however from the prompting of one of my good friends and we plan on seeing each other finish. My murder mystery that I’m writing has barely any plot; I need to plan the things more carefully and I desperately need my laptop that has been out of commission for at least a year now. I got it fixed and bought a Novel Journal for Sherlock Holmes to inspire me into actually writing something. Our breaks at Cosmetology school are decently long and I can pull out my notebook and begin as soon as my earbuds block out the voices of the thirty or so girls filling the room and my pen hits the paper. I have a new app called Writing Journal that you can find in the app store and it pushes me to write for a time and then document my ballpark words down on my paper since I’m free handing it instead of typing it online. All that to say is that I have begun these 15 minute time challenges and have changed a little bit of my opinion on them. If you think a little bit about what scene you wish to write, it will come easier than just coming up with something on the fly. I am falling behind on my wordcount but through 15 minute intervals and the occassional hour or 30 minute shifts I have after I finish school and all that I need to, I’m making slow but steady progress. What’s your method of writing and what works for you? I’m curious.