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 So here’s the thing. You know the age old advice that if you are stuck in a rut, the answer isn’t just to wait it out. It is to keep plodding on and getting through it. But what if you need help? What if you can’t figure out the plot twist all on your own? What if inspiration just needs a quick kick in the butt? 
Is it cheating to use other people’s ideas and prompts and such? 
It’s plagarism if you steal someone else’s idea and words and plot twists and take their work. Remember if you have help, make sure the person is okay with it and talk to them about it. One of my favorite things to do is to have a writing date where I meet with my good friends and they help me with my ideas and I brainstorm with them about theirs. It’s fun and rewarding and you get to write it how you want. 

Now we get to prompts. 
I love a good, twisted writing prompt and I love using Pinterest for it. They have tons and tons of writer help and I constantly use that for four main loves; clothing, makeup and hair, stuff about or for my boyfriend, and all of my writing. I have too many boards, most are for writing. I have an inspirational writer board for quotes and advice about all kinds of writing or pictures I find inspiring. I have storyboards for the world and characters and all of that coming to life. I have a prompt board strictly with ideas that interest me and make me want to write them in a story. I am working on my book Fairytale and the fairytale prompts are just to die for. These are for common use. Not plagarism in any way. 

Now I love help with this kind of stuff but I also want it to be more original, more me. I change the wording and just take the basic ideas that inspire me and switch them to something like my style. It’s an info kick and I love taking them. But these prompts are only to be used because people put them out for general use. If there is a disclaimer and someone would prefer not to have other’s claim credit, then by all means, avoid using it and just make it an enjoyable read for you. 
Do you like using prompts like this or consulting your friends? Why or why not? Do you think it’s cheating? Tell me your opinions in the comments below!

P.s. Merry Christmas:-)


Okay, so the task might seem simple enough. To write, one must put down words and they form sentences and then those form paragraphs and then those form a story. That’s writing, right? Well, a good writer knows that he or she needs help and they love to ask other writers-better writers. I mean, why else would you turn to anybody just random for help in a specific field? So you pick writers and you listen to what they have to say and that’s when it gets confusing. 
Which words do you use? 

I use my Pinterest quite a lot, from making storyboards, thinking up characters, getting a visual on what a spaceship needs to look like, dreaming of my next name for my book or just getting any ideas or inspiration. I use it for the articles for telling authors what to use and what not to use and I’ve come across a few contradictory things. Mainly words. A lot of writers will use that you don’t use this word or that word and that will make publishers throw your manuscript in the trash bin but then I see others that say quite the opposite and want you to dumb down your elaborate language speaking of the eloquence of the lapis lazuli tiger statuette and then just plainly spell it out for the reader. After all, they don’t want to get bogged down by all the details. 

In my personal opinion, flowery language gets you nowhere; it’s useless, clutters the page and then wastes my limited time with words that I would never be able to spell. But I’ve seen books where this works. I’ve seen this book series all the way through and even when I hardly understood the language, once I stuck with it, it all made sense. It was a different world. Why wouldn’t they have their own terms and curse words and mechanical phrases? If they stopped to explain in great detail every time a word was spoken, that would have driven me crazy and lessened the story. Instead, Scott Westerfield delves into his series starting with Leviathan and working his way through Goliath and ending with Behemoth. The language and world is unfamiliar but he shows you what the words mean and the phrases and it is all so cleverly written. I would highly recommend the series to anyone. But there are the articles that say he shouldn’t use words no one knows. There are authors that use the dumbed down simple language too and the plot and characters so richly came to life that it made me want to read it over and over again. I do think certain words should be ommitted in writing but I also can’t condemn them. It matters what your story is about and it matters that it draws in the reader and keeps them guessing until the end. That’s what really matters. 

P.s. Merry Christmas, my lovely Ravens