Graphic Novel? and new Stories

Posted: March 13, 2017 in Uncategorized


I’ve been obsessed with graphic novels/comics recently and been really wanting to get into one as soon as I’m done with Fairytale. I’ll be working on Freefall in the process as well since it’s such a long story that I keep coming back to. I have been keeping up with some favorites on the WebToon app on my phone and found some good comics on there to inspire me. I’ve been playing around with an idea about a historical fiction novel and working on getting a notebook to draw in. Because of my job, I won’t have time to digitally draw them every day but I do want to start a sketch notebook and kind of map out with sketches what I want for this graphic novel. I bought a graphic novel program for digital art but I have been completely lazy on it and haven’t used it but maybe twice since I last got it, ha! Anyway, if you have any tips for me for drawing/sketching/graphic novels/ comics, or anything, then definitely comment below. I linked my Pinterest account, my business page, Twitter page, and my Wattpad (where I post most of my short stories) below under my name if you want to check it out!










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