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Don’t make your characters like this guy.


Just how well does a writer know his characters?

Does he know them backwards and forwards or does he hardly even know their full name?

Main characters to any successful story must be fully developed. There may only be one of these special characters but in order for the book to fully develop, the character must somehow be relatable to the audience and create a feeling in the reader. If the protagonist is not well thought out or developed, there is an empty feeling in the entire tale. The writer must make the character believable and have substance. They must begin at the beginning.

Names are the beginning to every character. Some have meaning behind them. A brunette might have a name meaning dark one or it could reflect parts of the character’s soul. Perhaps the brunette is dark souled as well as having dark hair. Perhaps, she had cruel intentions behind what she does. While names can be the beginning of the character, now the writer must flesh him or her out.

The writer has to add the character’s strengths; but more importantly, he must know what their flaws are. The total population of the world is made up of flawed people. The writer must use real people as an example for his books in order to make them relatable. Any writer will automatically begin with what his character’s strengths are. At first, he will begin to slowly rattling off their various talents, habits, and sweet things that they might do on occasion. Then the next question comes. What are they bad at? What is that one quality that drives everyone around the character crazy? The flaws to the character must be more than their strengths. If the writer is hoping to make a semi-relatable character for the audience to latch on to, then he must make the character as human as possible. People tend to have more flaws than good traits, and your character in your story should too.

How well does the writer know his character’s story of life? Does he know what the voice sounds like? How does he move and what is his body type? Does he limp when he walks or struts? Characters, main characters especially, must have a backstory and a distinct personality. A solid character must have a beginning, middle, and an end. He must have a story within himself. All characters cannot all be alike or manifestations of the writer. No one is exactly alike. Even twins have differences. The writer must improve his characters and know exactly who they are backwards and forwards. They should have a backstory as well as a consistent attitude through every part of the tale.




Give them character like this little lady up above. To give her a little personality, she kind of embodies Monday because she’s forever a wet blanket and constantly angry all of the time. She mostly gets good grades but is forever getting no recognition for it so that feeds her horrible attitude. She doesn’t really have very many friends; she likes to think that she’s too busy for them but in reality, nobody very much likes her sulky attitude and grumpiness so they stray far away from her. She’s become weirdly close with the librarian since the librarian sees her as a younger version of herself-therefore, actually gives her the benefit of the doubt that she’s a nice enough girl when not doing any sort of schoolwork. She’s also pen pals with a few British girls who remain her only friends around her age throughout high school.

You can tell this girl has character from her outfit and her attitude. She’s grumpy from the umbrella popping open and soaking her with the cold rain. Her school doesn’t allow hats; so her hair is getting ruined from the rain and also soaking the rest of her.

She was part of an art project that a few friends and I were doing as a challenge but you can also use this as a practice for adding a background for these characters. Draw a simple character that flows from your imagination and practice adding character in the still picture. Make them unique. Everyone doesn’t always have to particularly like the character either.


Dream up whatever you want to and keep practicing!


xoxo, Ella 🙂